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A Dance Between Life and Death: XENOS at Sadlers Wells

Akram Khan November 2021

XENOS takes place on the border between East and West, the past and the present, mythology and technology, where humanity pivots in awe and terror.

XENOS is the story of a shell-shocked WW1 colonial soldier and traditional dancer who expresses the horrors he has experienced through dance and movement. Akram Khan’s one person moving physical theatre is utterly mesmerising and poignant throughout.

He is accompanied by onstage international musicians and the music, by composer Vincenzo Lamagna is hauntingly beautiful and hypnotic. T

The stark, vivid staging, the metaphors of death, consciousness and the machine nature of war all add to the sombre, moving and captivating production. The last five minutes the stage is lit blood red, the tumbling pines cones represent our divine consciousness with the message that in death we all return to dust particles ready to transform again.

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