Three Honest Unemployed Women: Story of Our Times.

is a fine example of creativity, inclusivity, and artful entrepreneurship. As the title suggests it is about three women who lose their jobs. They decide to produce a strictly “adult” film and the film story focuses on the “casting” process. It is highly entertaining and funny, and stole the hearts of many juries at numerous festivals all over the world including : “Best Narrative” London Short film Festival 2021, “Exceptional Merit” Depth of Field International Film Festival 2021, “Best Music Score” Amsterdam World International Film Festival 2021,”Best Short Film “ German United Film Festival 2021B, “Best Women's Film” L 'Age d Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2021 and “Best Comedy Short Film ” Tagore International Film Festival 2021.

The film has subtitles in Italian, English and French and is beautifully accompanied with music by Italian Alfonso Di Rosa.

Corrado Calda, currently living in Piacenza near Milan is the inspiration behind this very original short film. He studied The Arts and The Science of Performance at Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna and has worked as a professional actor (La Notte di Pasquino 2003, Sweet Sweet Marja 2007, La Finestra di Alice 2013) and director for over two decades. RebCat interviewed the director, Corrado Calda to learn about how this project unfolded from birth to production.

“It all started at the Piacenza Scuola di Cinema school of cinema co-founded with my fri