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We Are All Natural-born Storytellers

We are natural-born storytellers.

There is something deeply embedded within the human consciousness that connects us to stories. Every culture in every society is bonded through stories, and every language ever spoken has communicated through stories.

Through our personal story's prism, we play our role, make decisions, and interact with others through the lens of who we think we are, who we think they are, and how we think the world operates.

Our story is a catalogue of data that includes our identity, family, cultural heritage, education, and all the significant events in our lives. Our behaviour and emotional responses are aligned with this story. We may see ourselves as an unfortunate victim of fate, unable to change anything at all.

Our beliefs about ourselves and our story influence every decision we make. Our future will also be almost entirely controlled by this story. It is easy to forget our own agency and freedom to write our own futures. "That's just me" typically indicates this kind of attitude. This does not have to be our reality unless we allow it to be.

We can deliberately interrupt and re-write our script. We can challenge the role we play in life. We can relate to past events differently and not be negatively bound to them. We can edit our story, how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Catherine Dixon


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