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Cadillac High 2023.
How a painkiller turned into a killer.

Rebcat Creations is delighted to publish Cadillac High, an original play written by Steve Gold. Rebcat Creations has adapted and edited the original script to be suitable for podcast with the authors full permission.


Cadillac High,  set in Buffalo  2010,  is a dark comedy about the opioid epidemic in America in particular the way in which the painkiller Oxycontin was merchandised to doctors via sales representatives to be prescribed by physicians in  surgeries. All  characters in this recording are  fictitious.  The story focuses on how the drug was produced, marketed and sold to the public.

Past Production

The Mug's Game
A Novel written by Lorraine Flaherty and Catherine Dixon

RebCat Creations proudly presents The Mugs Game, a novel written by Lorraine Flaherty and Catherine Dixon, read by Lorraine Flaherty and published on our podcast platform.

The Mug's Game is a story about love, family and self-discovery with each character wanting something. 


 Zoe wants to find The One, Robert wants to avoid intimacy, Leo wants power and control, Francesca wants prestige, Joan wants to be fulfilled, Rose wants to be seen, George wants an easy life, Emily wants perfection, Miles wants status and prestige, Rick wants to be permanently high. 


 Through the different characters, we learn we are conditioned to play a Darwinian game of life's winners and losers. We pass the game down along the family line,  unwitting, calling it "our fate" until we learn to exit The Game. 


Through Robert and Zoe and their families, we learn how addiction to power, narcissism and greed cause suffering that repeats throughout lifetimes until the cycle is broken.


 In this story, the boy does not save the girl, and the girl does not save the boy - they must save themselves. They are forced to face their assumptions and choose differently. When they do, surprising friendships blossom, bridges are built, new loves are born, and a new game begins, focusing on the power of love, not the love of power.


The novel was written between 2014 and 2019.

Newsworthy 2022
Audio Series

Newsworthy is an audio series about media wars, relationships, careers and life choices in a post-modernist world, set in contemporary London during the Spring/Summer of 2021.  The main characters from each news channel are ambitious to get their voices heard and win the hearts and minds of the great British public. 


One channel represents innovative, grassroots investigative journalism. The other channel, equipped with big budgets and slick production values, focuses on boosting ratings with a news-lite, entertainment-centric approach. Which one wins?


The story explores universal themes of enthusiasm and cynicism, new careers and job loss, youth and ageing, loyalty and betrayal, plain-speaking and obfuscation, friendships and false friends - all with a light, comedic tone.

The New Normal 2021
Original Drama

The New Normal is RebCat Creations' sequel to The Truth Serum: an original drama that received rave reviews following December 2020 online performance.


Our story takes place in Milan and London between September and December 2020 against the backdrop of new COVID restrictions and the challenges brought about by ongoing uncertainty and economic and social disruption.

The Trust Serum 2020
Play about Lockdown

The Truth Serum is a play about Lockdown set against the backdrop of the COVID19 global pandemic. The storyline captures a slice of history between March-July 2020 and two narrators remind us of the major national events in that period, acting as "fly on the wall" commentators. One couple lives in Milan, and the other couples live in London. Lockdown significantly impacts all six people in very different ways. 

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