The New Normal

The New Normal

The New Normal is RebCat Creations' sequel to The Truth Serum: an original drama which received rave reviews following December 2020 online performance. 


Our story takes place in Milan and London between September and December 2020 against the backdrop of new COVID restrictions and the challenges brought about by ongoing uncertainty and economic and social disruption. 


The play is about human connection and re-birth. The story exposes the rawness of mental and emotional burnout and the despair caused by job loss,  lack of direction and mistrust in a post-truth society. 


The New Normal is an online play performed live on Zoom on the 20th and 21st March 2021 at 19:00GMT. The play is for one hour. After the performance, we invite our audience to join the cast and crew for a lively discussion about the play.


Profits will be donated to Marie Curie

Weren't able to join us live? Why not buy a recording!

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“The great thing about this medium is that as an audience member you can feel a real connection with people from all over the world.”


“Loving these plays, and the music is fabulous!”


“Really interesting view points on this pandemic.”

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“Wonderful sequel to The Truth Serum.”


“All of the actors had great connection and intimacy”


“I really enjoyed the Q&A after the performance”

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“Bravissimi tutti!”


“I felt like I was at the theatre!”


“Looking forward to the next one!”

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“Bravissimi tutti!”


“Brilliant sequel, so true to what is going on in the world.”


“Looking forward to the next one!”

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Cast & Crew

Narrator 1 - Louis Halpenny

I've always had a keen interest in theatre, whether watching, writing, acting or directing it. I ran a theatre company (The Superhero Club) whilst I was studying, and I was fortunate enough to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with our production 'Oil!'. When this opportunity came about, I was thrilled to work with RebCat Creations to try something new and exciting in this new and evolving medium.

Narrator 2 - Otto Terrell

Theatre and performance has always been a longstanding and exciting facet of my life. Some of my fondest memories include trips to the theatre with my parents or with school. I attended Amanda Redman's Artists Theatre School in Ealing for 5 years as a child, performing in 3 of their shows at The Questors Theatre. After having such a great time working on The Truth Serum, I'm overjoyed to be part of RebCat Creations' second production.

Flavia - Irene Panni

I studied acting in London and have been part of a theatre company called Foreign Affairs since 2016. We have worked on many international plays and with them I've been able to explore new ways of making theatre and bringing people together. Since being back in Milan I've been part of the original play Felliniland in honour of Italian director Federico Fellini.

Moira - Lorraine Flaherty

As a child I always wanted to be on stage. Did drama all through school with an intent to pursue acting - got waylaid and had an amazing career as a hair and makeup artist. In my thirties I did a two year drama course intending to pursue acting - got waylaid again and had another amazing twenty years as a therapist, teaching and author. Delighted to be back to a profession I love - who knows, maybe this will be my time.

Bridget - Margaret Dixon

I have a lifelong love of drama and the theatre and spent my youth and early adult years immersed in all kinds of drama activities and productions both in the UK and then later in Italy. I love innovative ideas and challenging the boundaries of how to bring theatre to life in whatever mediums are available and I love the possibilities provided by being in these strange new times.

Carla - Rebecca Dixon

I fell in love with theatre in Milan in the late 80s, where I started being involved in original plats with a theatre company in which I was a founding member. I enjoyed being part of the backstage (playwriting, costumes and music) as much as acting. As a founding member of RebCat Creations I hope to be involved in original productions for many years to come.

Giovanna - Alyssa D'Adamo

Theatre has always acted as a cornerstone in my childhood and adolescence growing up in New York. I have always been particularly interested in musical theatre and have taken on many different roles since the early 2000s, as well as building sets for timepieces, designing costumes, hair and makeup for my fellow actors. Since moving to Italy nearly 3 years ago, I have transposed my passions for the theatre into performing live music. I am thrilled and honoured to rejoin the theatre and be a part of this project that will reach worldwide audiences in a new and exciting way.

Luca - Dusan Djurovic

I am  thrilled to be part of the New Normal cast, working on this project with RebCat creations. It has given me the opportunity to stay connected to the  world of the stage and the play itself deals with some very relevant current issues that we can all relate to in some way.

Matteo - Michael Jennings

I attended my conservatory training in New York where I found one of acting's greatest gifts, a loving community. Since then I've become a founding member of a theatre company which focusses on producing plays with ethically inclusive stories. Working on The New Normal has been really wonderful because it's given by the ability to connect to a greater sense of truth in terms of what people have gone through this past year.

Director - Catherine Dixon

I love all  aspects of storytelling from writing narratives to producing live events.  I am particularly interested in character development and the link to human motivation. Many years ago, I was involved in theatre in Milan as a founding member of an English speaking theatre company. The spirit of Rebcat Creations is about confidence, connection and unity so I am honoured to direct the New Normal with a fantastic cast.

Composer - Valentina Pennisi

I'm a musician! My first approach to the study of music happened when I was 5 in a choir. I fell in love with this world and that's how I ended up attending the conservatoire to study the clarinet a few years later. In July, I finished my Masters in Rotterdam, where I've lived for the last 2 years, and where I had the opportunity to discover and explore many different styles of music, plus, crossover projects involving dance and theatre. I have absolutely loved contributing my skills to this theatre project.

Backstage - Jordan Cable

Being enthusiastic about technology makes this an exciting challenge to bring all elements of music, sound and delivery together. I have really loved the challenge of novel medium of online theatre, and creating exiting and effective technical solutions.