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Staging Stories For Modern Times

Digital Platform for Story Telling

 The RebChat podcast invites people from all walks of life to share their inside stories.    

 Watch or listen to the online plays and the podcast Rebcat Collection Stories. 

Our workshops are story-labs to shape a compelling narrative with you about you. Great for describing your vision, mission, services, team building, or finding a new path for you and your team. We help you produce your podcast series. 

 The Rebcat Collective Magazine is dedicated to providing a platform for rising stars in creative fields.

 Rebcat Creations began with "Let's write a story" in June 2020 which eventually became two online plays staged and performed by an international cast. 


Rebcat Creations is a story-making platform for the digital age. Founded by two sisters, with a legacy of musical theatre in Italy, we are guided by original values: passion, fun and commitment to the process.



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Who Love Us 

We have helped organizations revive their team spirit, find a new voice and build a high performance team. We have fans from our productions. Here is a sample. 

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“We enjoyed this so much. Great for getting the creative juices flowing.”



"Who would have thought that having a Storytelling workshop in hybrid fashion could be such a success?ccess?


As a team, we enjoyed the possibility to learn about the importance of storytelling and also try it out for ourselves. Being in the unknown can be scary, but that's where we were able to grow, not only as a person but also as a team. Thank you, Cathy, for being such an inspiring facilitator!"


Movie Theatre

Theatres Online

“This was an imaginative play with an excellent cast who all performed to a high standard. ”

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