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The New Normal

truth | change | re-birth

An online play about the emotional truth of our modern times.


The New Normal is RebCat Creations' sequel to The Truth Serum: an original drama which received rave reviews following December 2020 online performance. 


Our story takes place in Milan and London between September and December 2020 against the backdrop of new COVID restrictions and the challenges brought about by ongoing uncertainty and economic and social disruption. 


The play is about human connection and re-birth. The story exposes the rawness of mental and emotional burnout and the despair caused by job loss,  lack of direction and mistrust in a post-truth society. 


Profits will be donated to Marie Curie

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"Let’s not leave it up to fate alone to tell our stories.” 

We are RebCat Creations, an online international theatre and storytelling workshop company. We produce original plays about modern life, run experiential, practical storytelling workshops and publish a monthly magazine called The Rebcat Collective to showcase emerging creative talent.


Rebcat Creations Limited is a women-founded, not-for-profit organisation based in London and Milan.We look forward to collaborating and creating rich, meaningful content with you about the stories that shape our reality.


Humans are natural-born storytellers. Every single one of us is running a script. What is that script communicating about you - and your business? Our business is to make sure that your business is telling your story in the way you want. Through stories, we explore the psychological, emotional, social and cultural elements that influence communication, contemporary narratives and our relationships.


If you are an individual and want to increase confidence or improve presentation skills, we can help you. If you are a young business and want to re-think your messaging, we can help shape that. If you are in the education sector and need a different way to engage your students, we can transform the environment. Finally, if you are leading a team and want a fantastic way of bringing skilled people together, we can help.

 There are many ways to get involved with us. You can subscribe to our magazine and participate as a contributor.   We look forward to hearing from you.

The RebCat Team

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A  digital magazine showcasing emerging creative talent, and our latest news to entertain you and inform you with all things RebCat.

Our magazine is released once a month; discussing creativity, sharing stories, and keeping you up to date with our upcoming projects and productions.

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Past Editions of The Rebcat Collective

Our third edition shares articles about storytelling in early education, a work-from-home workout from @dwfitness_1, plus, poetry from our guest creative Sara Elkhawad.

Our fourth edition discusses an essay on life in quarantine, showcases the talents of Lorraine Flaherty and her wonderful mandalas and the music of our musical composer Valentina Pennisi.

Our first edition shares perspectives from our last performance “The Truth Serum” and our plans for 2021.

Our second edition shares a little more about our second production "The New Normal", plus articles on sustainability and storytelling, plus, our guest creative piece by Sophie Sinnott.

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Meet the team.

Discovers a good story and pulls all the elements together to bring it to life.

Catherine Dixon

Co-founder, Director & Producer

Discovers a good story, dots the i's and crosses the t's to ensure all those elements work efficiently.

Rebecca Dixon

Co-founder & Operations Director

Makes sure the story looks, sounds and reads beautifully across all media platforms..

Otto Terrell

Creative Director


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