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Audio Drama For Modern Times

We produce original plays, short stories, mini-series and monologues.

Welcome to Rebcat Creations, where we bring audio dramas to life and give voice to the untold stories of today's world.


As independent producers with a background in musical theatre, we understand the passion for creating and the challenges of getting stories published. When the pandemic hit, and the stage darkened, we found new light in audio dramas and podcasting.


At Rebcat Creations, we write and produce our own stories while providing a platform for other talented writers and authors to showcase their work. We're drawn to original, unpublished content that explores contemporary themes and reflects the complexities of our modern world.


As a not-for-profit initiative, we aim to share these stories with as many people as possible and support fellow creatives in their endeavours. If you're a writer, voice-over actor, aspiring creative director, or someone who loves to be involved in the world of storytelling, we invite you to join our troupe – both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.


Feel free to browse our content – it's all available for free. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you're interested in collaborating or contributing, please reach out. Together, we can continue to create powerful audio dramas and share the stories that deserve to be heard.

Rebcat story collection

 Our story collection present and past and future. 

Rebcat podcast

The RebChat podcast discusses story making front and back stage of our work in house and with guests  

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